SAWE RP M-9, 2010: Shipboard Weight Surveys


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The objective of this Recommended Practice is to document methods and practices that have proven effective in the collection of weight data from shipboard surveys.  These proven methods are applicable to most surface ships and submarines.  In cases where submarine practice varies from that employed on a surface ship, additional guidance is provided.  Methods for determining the weight of liquids in tanks are included.  The relevance of the collected data to the end result (e.g., determination of light ship weight and center of gravity, distribution of permanent or semi-permanent ballast, or undocking draft and trim) is discussed in general terms.  Procedures and calculations relating the survey data towards the end product are well established in other industry standards and are beyond the scope of this document.  For example, it is not the intent of this RP to address the details of the inclining experiment itself, only the shipboard surveys associated with an inclining.

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