27. The Significance of Weight Control

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Title27. The Significance of Weight Control
Publication TypeConference Paper
Paper Number0027
Year of Publication1943
AuthorsAyers, J. E.
Conference1st Dinner Meeting of the New Orleans Chapter of the Society of Aeronautical Weight Engineers, Inc., May 7, 1943
Conference LocationNew Orleans, Louisiana
PublisherSociety of Allied Weight Engineers, Inc.
Date Published5/7/43

The intent of this discussion is to outline, briefly, the purpose and significance of weight and balance control to those who are just being introduced to it, and to emphasize the importance of weight control to those who may be over1ooking its far-reaching influences.

The chief purpose of weight and balance control is to develop a more efficient machine. The proper execution of this control results in a multitude of benefits. These benefits may be grouped under five main headings, which are listed here in the order of their importance for aircraft design.

(a) Improved safety
(b) Greater load carrying capacity
(c) Reduced manufacturing costs
(d) Lower operating costs
(e) smaller investment costs

Key Words29. Weight Value-Of-Pound
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