32. Weight and It's Effect on the Operation and Performance of Commercial Aircraft

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Title32. Weight and It's Effect on the Operation and Performance of Commercial Aircraft
Publication TypeConference Paper
Paper Number0032
Year of Publication1949
AuthorsStern, J. A.
Conference8th National Conference, Dayton Biltmore Hotel, Dayton, Ohio, May 23-26
Conference LocationDayton, Ohio
PublisherSociety of Allied Weight Engineers, Inc.
Date Published5/23/49

The prime purpose of an airline is to carry the maximum payload possible at a profit in accordance with the rule of three:

1. Safety.
2. Passenger comfort.
3. Schedule dependability.

This paper will briefly outline the problems that face an airline in utilizing the payload potential of its equipment to a maximum. To achieve this goal severa1 closely related parameters must be considered:

1. Various types of payload.
2. Takeoff, landing, and zero fuel weights.
3. The increase of the weight empty vs. improved safety and revenue generating capacity of the airplane.
4. Methods of utilization of the weight payload.
5. Center of gravity limits.

It must be stressed that these variables are inter-related, and collectively determine the payload that can be carried over a route segment under any set of conditions -- some restricted payload at one time; others at another. To illustrate this situation typical route analyses will be made.

Key Words10. Weight Engineering - Aircraft Design
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