403. Experience Gained in the Implementation and Operation of the SAS ""Weight and Balance"" System

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Title403. Experience Gained in the Implementation and Operation of the SAS ""Weight and Balance"" System
Publication TypeConference Paper
Paper Number0403
Year of Publication1963
AuthorsBak, V., and Phillips D. C.
Conference22nd National Conference, St. Louis, Missouri, April 29 - May 2
Conference LocationSt. Louis, Missouri
PublisherSociety of Allied Weight Engineers, Inc.
Date Published5/29/63

Before I give the following short statement of SAS' experiences with the Weight and Balance - system installed by Standard Electric and based on a Stantec Zebra Computer I want to say that to-day S.AS Copenhagen' cannot live without that system. The whole work in connection with passenger check-in and weight and balance computation would change considerably and be much more expensive and -not to forget- our passengers would get a poor service if we had to return to a manual system. S M feel that the thoughts given to the system have proved to be correct and we intend to follow the success by extension of the system to remote stations linked u:p to the computer in Copenhagen by means of data-transmission circuits. However, this does not mean that we are content with everything in connection with our Weight and Balance system and I shall give you some examples of advantages and drawbacks listed to 'me by the load controllers. In other words: now speaks the practical day-to-day user of the system.

Key Words01. Aircraft Loading - General
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