614. Air Cargo Terminal Development and the Impact of Jumbo Jet Aircraft

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Title614. Air Cargo Terminal Development and the Impact of Jumbo Jet Aircraft
Publication TypeConference Paper
Paper Number0614
Year of Publication1967
AuthorsMarx, H. M.
Conference26th Annual Conference, Boston, Massachusetts, May 1-4
Conference LocationBoston, Massachusetts
PublisherSociety of Allied Weight Engineers, Inc.
Date Published5/1/67

The revolution in air cargo began with the jet freighter and promises a huge business potential to airlines, surpassing passenger revenues in the foreseeable future. The introduction of the jumbo jets within three years will mean that conventional cargo handling techniques, archaic now, will be completely obsolete. To make the jumbos and all other cargo aircraft effective, modern materials handling methods will be introduced universally. Automation in cargo handling, moving, and storage, will be a necessity, and highly sophisticated aircraft loading and unloading techniques will be introduced. Containerization and intermodal traffic will be fully developed, together with computerized documentation and cargo terminal equipment control. The next ten years will see a surge in cargo traffic of 600% to 800%, and, cargo handling methods will have to keep pace.

This presentation traces some of the history which led to present day mechanized terminals and discussed some of the factors in their development. Some of the recent terminals and equipment developed by Dortech will be described. The factors for design and evaluation will be discussed. We will show, by means of slides, what these factors are and how these operations and terminals work. We will discuss and demonstrate, by means of animated films, the handling of the 747 aircraft and how a sizeable 747 operation will proceed. The special considerations in containerized freight handling will be discussed with emphasis on the problems of weight and load planning control.

Finally, we will attempt to take a look beyond 1980 and speculate on what the future of air cargo will hold.

Key Words01. Aircraft Loading - General
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