1405. Aft Index - A Normalized C.G. Envelope to Aid Computer Load Planning

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Title1405. Aft Index - A Normalized C.G. Envelope to Aid Computer Load Planning
Publication TypeConference Paper
Paper Number1405
Year of Publication1981
AuthorsMaxwell, R. D.
Conference40th Annual Conference, Dayton, Ohio, May 4-7
Conference LocationDayton, Ohio
PublisherSociety of Allied Weight Engineers, Inc.
Date Published5/4/81

A real time computer aircraft load planning system has been developed and put into service by Delta Air Lines. The most notable aspect of this system is the use of a C.G. envelope which has been normalized so the forward limit is zero and the aft limit is 100 on a scale designated as "aft index." The computer takes into account both the takeoff weight and zero fuel weight C.G. limits. The aft index is thus a 0 to 100 measure of how far aft (but within the envelope) the aircraft is loaded. It gives in one number the relationship of the aircraft C.G. to the allowable limits (which otherwise requires six numbers), and emphasizes the importance of aft loading for fuel economy. Although the internal computer calculations are relatively complex, the load planning function has been simplified for the user. Calculation routines are available to suggest a cargo distribution to achieve a desired aft index with a given passenger, fuel, and total cargo load.

Key Words01. Aircraft Loading - General
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