3021. Fundamentals of Electronic Weighing Systems

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Title3021. Fundamentals of Electronic Weighing Systems
Publication TypeConference Paper
Paper Number3021
Year of Publication2000
AuthorsTurner, Bill
Conference59th Annual Conference, St. Louis, Missouri, June 5-7
Conference LocationSt. Louis, Missouri
PublisherSociety of Allied Weight Engineers, Inc.
Date Published6/5/00

Fundamentals of Electronic Weighing Systems guides readers through every facet of the weighing system design, implementation, and troubleshooting process. Beginning with load introduction, this paper recommends the proper steps in creating and utilizing an accurate weighing vessel for a particular application. It addresses the application of load cells in both weighing and force sensing systems. Mechanical and electronic force measurement principles are explained, in addition to providing a comprehensive glossary of terms. The objective is to provide readers with a solid understanding of basic weighing system principles and characteristics.

Section II: Weigh Modules presents a complete definition of every popular load cell design to enable the reader to confidently choose the best design for a particular application. In addition to explaining how various designs sense load, application drawings illustrate how the technology is applied in the field.

Section III: Installation and Service Guidelines is filled with information that both the novice and experienced scaleman will find helpful. A valuable reference document, this section contains information compiled by Rice Lake Weighing Systems? staff over many years. Countless service technicians and engineering professionals were consulted on mechanical, electro-mechanical, and fully electronic weighing systems. The resulting information bridges generations, yet compiles the material into brief, easy-to-understand ?tips of the trade.?

Key Words09. Weighing Equipment
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