3559. Fuel Mass Properties Calculation with CATIA V5

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Title3559. Fuel Mass Properties Calculation with CATIA V5
Publication TypeConference Paper
Paper Number3559
Year of Publication2012
AuthorsFunk, Ralf
Conference71st Annual Conference, Bad Gögging, Germany
Conference LocationBad Gögging, Germany
PublisherSociety of Allied Weight Engineers, Inc.
Date Published05/2012

Complex aircraft tank geometries due to challenging requirements are designed nowadays using CAD allowing analysis in a concise and cheap way. For fuel mass properties calculation inside CATIA V5 a corresponding feature has to be provided via fuel macro.
This programme can be used in the various design and development phases of an aircraft. Hence this tool is qualified for analysis of simple cuboids in the Pre-Draft as well as positioned and optimised tank geometries with integrated pumps or pipes in the Pre-Design-Phase, Product-Design-Phase or In-Service-Phase.
Fuel mass properties are essential for aircraft moments of inertia (MOI) determination, flight performance (Flight Control System) and mission performance evaluation.
Processing with CATIA V5 is possible for CAD-solids, which are designed in the CATIA V4/ V5 environment or having a compatible file format. Before starting the analysis it is necessary to install the basic settings and to prepare the files with a powercopy providing the CAD-model with various parameters and geometry, thus the user of this programme requires a basic knowledge of CATIA V5.
This paper gives an overview to run the fuel macro for individual tanks or tank groups for various configured fuel rundown sequences. The simplification of internal tank geometry is compensated by a feature of the tool which provides fuel density variation. Further input parameters are the flight attitude with individual air space and unusable fuel.
The Log-File contains apart from fuel mass properties of tank geometries the input parameters and more detailed information for interpretation of results.

Key Words11. Weight Engineering - Aircraft Estimation, 12. Weight Engineering - Computer Applications
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