3606. Design Considerations Of Flight Control Systems In High Performance General Aviation Aircraft

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Title3606. Design Considerations Of Flight Control Systems In High Performance General Aviation Aircraft
Publication TypeConference Paper
Paper Number3606
Year of Publication2013
AuthorsMcCloud, Darrin
Conference72nd Annual Conference, St. Louis, Missouri
Conference LocationSaint Louis, Missouri
PublisherSociety of Allied Weight Engineers, Inc.
Date Published05/2013

The current trend for new business jet designs is for larger, faster aircraft at a minimum price point. Almost all of the slower entry-level planes use manual flight control systems while all of the large business jets are required to use powered flight control systems. What happens in the gray area in- between, when a manual flight control system is preferred but the size and speed of the aircraft make it difficult to design? Many design choices will impact the size, weight and effectiveness of the flight control system and the difference in these choices will determine whether the overall aircraft design is a success. Incorrect choices can lead to costly redesign, poor performance or flutter concerns. This paper will concentrate on design issues with traditionally controlled, manually powered jet aircraft and several design factors to be aware of during the early phase of aircraft development.

Key Words10. Weight Engineering - Aircraft Design
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