3738. Aft Perpendicular... An Afterthought?

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Title3738. Aft Perpendicular... An Afterthought?
Publication TypeConference Paper
Paper Number3738
Year of Publication2022
AuthorsDaley, Scott, Dvorak Rob, and Marburger Matt
Conference81st Annual Conference, Savannah, Georgia
Conference LocationSavannah, Georgia
PublisherSociety of Allied Weight Engineers, Inc.

How do you define the length of a ship? What is the definition of aft perpendicular? From the Principles of Naval Architecture (PNA), the definition for the location of the aft perpendicular “is at the aft side of the rudder post, centerline of the rudder stock, or at the intersection of the design waterline with the aft end of the vessel.” However, for U.S. submarines, the location of the aft perpendicular has not always followed PNA’s definition. The location for a submarine’s aft perpendicular has been at the end of the thrust device or at an outdated feature. This paper will examine the technical details, design maturity and timeline, and implications of how the aft perpendicular on a submarine is defined.

Key Words13. Weight Engineering - Marine
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