3753. Theoretical and Experimental Evaluation of the Flexibility of the Test Rig on Inertia Property Measurement

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Title3753. Theoretical and Experimental Evaluation of the Flexibility of the Test Rig on Inertia Property Measurement
Publication TypeConference Paper
Paper Number3753
Year of Publication2020
AuthorsPreviati, Giorgio, Mastinu Gianpiero, and Gobbi Massimiliano
Category Number6, 9
Conference2020 SAWE Tech Fair
Conference LocationVirtual Conference
PublisherSociety of Allied Weight Engineers, Inc.
Date Published07/2020

In the measurement of inertia properties (mass, centre of gravity and inertia tensor), both the body under investigation and the test rig are commonly considered as rigid bodies. However, in case of heavy or large bodies, these assumptions may not be satisfied. The present paper deals with the consequences of the test rig structure deformations on the measured inertia parameters. In fact, if the forces exchanged by the structure of the test rig and the body are large, the structure may deform changing its geometry and dynamic behavior. These effects, in turn, affect the measured kinematic and dynamic quantities needed for the measurement of the inertia properties.

In the paper, by considering the InTenso+ Measuring System of the Politecnico di Milano, a special type of multi-filar pendulum, the effects of the deformation of the test rig on the measurement of the inertia properties is investigated both numerically and experimentally. A flexible multibody model is employed to understand the dynamic effects of the deformations on the mass properties measurement. Several bodies are measured to validate such analyses. A proper mathematical procedure is then derived to measure the inertia properties of bodies when the realization of a sufficiently stiff structure is impractical.

Key Words06. Inertia Measurements, 09. Weighing Equipment
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