1016. \\SWEEP\\ - An Interdisciplinary Approach to a Structure Weight Estimating Program

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1016. \\SWEEP\\ - An Interdisciplinary Approach to a Structure Weight Estimating Program
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The science of selecting the best air vehicle to satisfy the very demanding requirements of performance, cost, and schedule has led to some verysophisticated airplane synthesis computer programs. Vehicle weight estimationis one element of such a complex system. Structure weight estimation is thesubject of this SAWE paper.Over the last decade, there has been a tendency to adapt complex structure analysis programs to predict weight. At Rockwell International, theMass Properties Group has developed programs designed primarily to predictweight; structure synthesis is a secondary consideration designed only tobe adequate until the vehicle concept development has progressed sufficiently to justify the use of the more rigorous structure dynamics programs. Inspite of its planned secondary role, the structure simulation, with its gages,stringer,rib, frame spacing, longer on dimensions, etc., has been extremelyuseful in pricing exercises, and trade studies,The Mass Properties programs were developed at the Los Angeles facility under IR?,L) funds as stand-alone component programs (wing, horizontal andvertical tails, fuselage,landing gear, and air induction system). In August1971, an Air Force contract was awarded to Rockwell to improve these stand-alone programs,integrate them into one continuous interactive program, andprovide a detail documentation of the results. The contract was issued bythe Deputy for Development Planning, ASD/XR, at Wright Patterson Air ForceBase,and the work was accomplished at the Los Angeles Aircraft Division.This integrated program is referred to as SWEEP, which is an acronym forstructural weight estimation program.This SAWE paper will describe SWEEP and will emphasize the interdisciplinary considerations with the many options that give the user a very versatile tool.

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