1652. The Expanded Ship Work Breakdown Structure (ESWBS) - Another Weight Classification System

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Title1652. The Expanded Ship Work Breakdown Structure (ESWBS) - Another Weight Classification System
Publication TypeConference Paper
Paper Number1652
Year of Publication1985
AuthorsKelley, J. R.
Conference44th Annual Conference, Arlington, Texas, May 20-22
Conference LocationArlington, Texas
PublisherSociety of Allied Weight Engineers, Inc.
Date Published5/20/85

This paper examines the application of the Expanded Ship Work Breakdown Structure (ESWBS) level of detail to the task of weight estimating and accounting. The Expanded Ship Work Breakdown Structure Manual expands the currently used Ship Work Breakdown Structure (SWBS) Manual through the addition of two digits to fit maintenance world requirements. The ESWBS is based on the original SWBS concept and the first three digits of ESWBS are identical to SWBS. The advantages for developing the ESWBS manual are a better defined functional configuration definition of the ship for logistic support development and a common reference point for 1inking 1ogistic support data to design.

The ESWBS manual will now be used for configuration identification and change reporting throughout the ship life cycle. The use of ESWBS establishes the common reference point and interface mechanisms between design, the shipbuilder's contract baseline, the maintenance and logistic support baselines and the ship's configuration baseline resident on the Weapons Systems File (WSF). ESWBS is now the minimum standard level of indenture for developing, identifying, and reporting configuration changes generated by Ship Alterations performed on non-structured or structured ships.

Key Words13. Weight Engineering - Marine
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