2187. Weight Control of the Learjet M45 Wing in the Design Build Team/Catia Environment

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Title2187. Weight Control of the Learjet M45 Wing in the Design Build Team/Catia Environment
Publication TypeConference Paper
Paper Number2187
Year of Publication1994
AuthorsClapp, R. P., and Kiskunas V. J.
Conference53rd Annual Conference, Long Beach, California, May 23-25
Conference LocationLong Beach, California
PublisherSociety of Allied Weight Engineers, Inc.
Date Published5/23/94

When de Havilland was awarded the contract to design and build the wing for the Learjet M45 Business Jet, it was decided to use Design Build Teams, Concurrent Engineering and CATIA. The acceptance of this design/build philosophy was based on the previous successful completion of a pilot project using these principles. This paper describes the experiences of the Weights Group in this environment. Membership on the Design Build Teams consisted of personnel from most (but not all) of the functional groups within the Company. A Weights Methodology was developed, based on software developed in-house for use with CATIA, so that the Mass Properties of the wing and its component parts could be analyzed. The software also handled special cases such as handed parts and multiple use parts. The use of these techniques resulted in a program which had the required design weight continuously maintained as a high profile item. As a result, the program has been successful in controlling weight growth. The current weight status is 1.6% over the design weight specified by Learjet Inc.

Key Words10. Weight Engineering - Aircraft Design
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