2458. Weighing Errors: Assessed and Controlled

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Title2458. Weighing Errors: Assessed and Controlled
Publication TypeConference Paper
Paper Number2458
Year of Publication1999
AuthorsClark, J. P., and Shull A. H.
Paper Category8. WEIGHING
Conference58th Annual Conference, San Jose, California, May 24-26
Conference LocationSan Jose, California
PublisherSociety of Allied Weight Engineers, Inc.
Date Published5/24/99

Modern electronic balances have become so sophisticated that many of them calibrate themselves and appear to provide error free measurements. Most balance manufacturers specify a repeatability of 1 scale division, which many users often equate to accuracy. The accuracy c the weight measurements can be influenced by many factors that contribute errors to the weighing process. This paper will discuss implementation of a new electronic weighing system at the Savannah River Site that replaced mechanical balances, results of studies conducted to assess the errors involved in the balance operation, lessons learned and recommendations.

Key Words08. Weighing
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