3131. Weight Focused Workshops - Overcoming Inhibitors to Implementation

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Title3131. Weight Focused Workshops - Overcoming Inhibitors to Implementation
Publication TypeConference Paper
Paper Number3131
Year of Publication2001
AuthorsArmstrong, Gale
Conference60th Annual Conference, Arlington, Texas, May 19-23
Conference LocationArlington, Texas
PublisherSociety of Allied Weight Engineers, Inc.
Date Published5/19/01

Identifying weight reduction ideas is not difficult in the engineering world today, the difficulty becomes the implementation of those weight reduction ideas. Teams generate long lists of weight reduction roadmap ideas, but never have time to deliver on the ideas. Engineers today are too busy to run dual path programs; roadmap ideas sit on an opportunities list until they run out of time and then fall off the list.

This paper will describe a Weight Reduction Workshop process implemented at Ford Motor Company that drives weight reduction ideas into program assumptions.

Key Words28. Weight Reduction - Processes
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