2016 - 75th SAWE International Conference on Mass Properties Engineering - Conference Proceedings

2016 SAWE International Conference - Conference Proceedings

SAWE Papers:

  • 3651. Reducing Variation during Actual Aircraft Weighing
  • 3655. Weight and Structural Optimization in Aircraft Design
  • 3659. Weight and CG Curtailment
  • 3660. Development of a Conceptual Flight Vehicle Design Weight Estimation Method Library
  • 3662. Minimizing Mass of a Spacecraft Structure
  • 3664. Advanced Lightweight 3D Structures (AL3DS) Manufacturing Design Concept
  • 3666. Weight Distribution for On-Shore Modules
  • 3669. Light Ship or Load? Uncertainty in Shipboard Weight Surveys
  • 3670. Soil Moisture Active Passive Mission Mass Properties Optimization and Analysis
  • 3671. Model Based Mass Properties Engineering at JPL
  • 3672. Weight's Importance in Machine Design
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