2024 – 83rd SAWE International Conference on Mass Properties Engineering – Conference Proceedings


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Technical Papers

  • 3802:  Aircraft Mass Growth & Reduction Factors, Dieter Scholz (Hamburg University of Applied Science)
  • 3805:  Measuring Reaction Points during Aircraft Weighing using an Inexpensive Laser, Damian Yañez (Gulfstream Aerospace)
  • 3806:  SAWE Handbook Section 2.2 Solid Properties Excel Formulae, Robert Zimmerman (Lockheed Martin, Retired)
  • 3807:  Why Measure?, Robert Cipolli (Raptor Scientific)
  • 3808:  Implementing Effective Weight Management Strategies in Shipyards: A Practical Approach, Runar Assen (B&A Software)
  • 3809:  Practical Limitations of Precision, Douglas Fisher (Collins Aerospace)
  • 3811:  Parametric Weight Substantiation and Uncertainty Quantification for Aircraft Design, Andrew Walker (Lockheed Martin Aeronautics)
  • 3812:  Empirical Model for Initial Weight Estimation of UAVs, Serder Avsar (Turkish Aerospace Industries)
  • 3813:  Pilgrimage In Ship Weighing Uncertainty – How Air Can Bias the Deadweight of a Ship, Manuela Bucci (Tymor Marine)
  • 3796:  Why Belong to a Professional Society like SAWE?, William Boze (SAWE)
  • 3799 – A Quick Start Guide to Using Excel VBA, Robert Hundl (Fluor)

Technical Presentations

  • Challenges of Mass Estimation in Hydrogen Aircraft Conceptual Design, Fabian Peter (Bauhaus Luftfahrt)
  • Combined approach to the application of topological optimization for design and weight reduction, Yuri Mirshavka (TGM Lightweight Solutions)
  • The SAWE Career Initiative Updates, Dirk Petersen, Robert Zimmerman, Darren Gamble (SAWE)
  • SAWE Technical Forum – Mass Properties Engineering in a Collaborative Environment, Jeff Cerro, Moderator (NASA Retired)
  • Efficient Weight Management of Modular Rail Vehicles Through WDT Software Integration, Florian Gabel (TGM Lightweight Solutions)
  • 3801 – Wing Design with regard to Mass and Drag, Dieter Scholz (Hamburg University of Applied Science)
  • 3803 – Mass Estimation of Folding Wings, Dieter Scholz (Hamburg University of Applied Science)
  • 3804 – Methods for the Operating Mass Empty Estimation in the Aircraft Design, Dieter Scholz (Hamburg University of Applied Science)

Industry Committee Minutes and Attendance

Sponsor and Vendor Presentations

  • Conference Keynote – John Saiz
  • Altair
  • B&A Software – Runar Aasen
  • Boeing – Greg Ray
  • Farside Development – Raymond Jenkins
  • Lockheed Martin – Jonathan Curtis
  • HII
  • Raptor Scientific – Bob Cipolli


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