29. Weight Control in Specification Writing


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J E Ayers: 29. Weight Control in Specification Writing. 1943.



The purpose of this article is to point out opportunities for giving due consideration to aircraft weight control during the preparation of the model specification.
The possibilities for weight control in specification writing are unlimited, and it is beyond the scope of this discussion to present all of them. There are, however some applied and tested means for weight economy, now featuring some airplane designs, that should be considered during the preparation of any model specification. An Article of this nature is necessarily limited to generalities concerning these outstanding airplanes.
Many items presented herein may appear to involve airplane design more than specification writing. It is desired, however, to emphasize the fact that the design of the airplane is crystallized during the preparation of the model specification. In conjunction, it is desired to stress the doctrine that weight control must be in operation during this early stage of aircraft design.


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