126. Fuselage Weight Prediction


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L D Green: 126. Fuselage Weight Prediction. 1955.



This paper is concerned with the development of fuselage weight estimation equations by statistical techniques. This study was the first step in a program being carried out at the Willow Run Research Center of the University of Michigan leading to the analytic formulas for fuselage estimation.
A statistical analysis is presented for bomber fuselage weight prediction. The analysis was conducted with the aid of MIDAC (Michigan Digital Automatic Computer). The coefficients for 627 linear prediction equations were obtained by relative error regression theory. Four of these prediction equations are given involving various aircraft parameters. It was found that only three parameters are needed to predict fuselage weight with an accuracy of six percent or better and that increasing the number of parameters above three does not increase accuracy. A discussion of salient features of MIDAC is presented.


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