401. The Analog Trim Computer


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B Dr. Bussell, J A Elfenbein, E L Cote: 401. The Analog Trim Computer. 1963.



Loading charts, nomographs and slide rules for aircraft loading are becoming too slow and too inaccurate for the needs of the present day and projected high speed aircraft. In civilian operations this is slightly less than tolerable, In military operations, and particularly in tactical situations, these devices are intolerable. The need for an automated procedure is present. This paper describes an inexpensive analog computer which not only allows an analysis of an aircraft loading, but, because of its design, permits a synthesis of the loading, that is, permits a preplanned loading of the aircraft while adhering to an optimal % MAC condition. The design concepts are flexible enough to allow for bulk loading, palletized loading and various passenger configurations. Where aircraft are of the same general size, several different aircraft can be included in one device without sacrificing economics or portability.


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