417. Cargo Densities


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R.E. Beaudry: 417. Cargo Densities. 1964.



During previous sessions of the S.A.W.E. various papers have been presented in connection with Cargo Densities. However, one of the problems that has always arisen is the extreme difficulty of obtaining cargo density data from other airlines, or in other words on a world wide basis.

The current situation differs little and therefore this paper is mainly based on Trans Canada Air Lines experience and surveys conducted within our own organization. Thus the
data contained in this paper is of necessity extremely restricted and we consider the paper only barely scratches the surface of a subject that requires far deeper penetration. However, it may give some indication of cargo density experienced within one carrier and consequently assist in stimulating other airlines who have not already done so to give this particular subject closer consideration.

Further it might also serve to emphasize the importance to all airlines in cooperating far more closely in this area, in an effort to attempt to establish some form of consolidated statistics which could be made available to all carriers and to manufacturers. These would be invaluable in many areas of planning and development.

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