435. Weight and How It Affects the P-O-U-N-D


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J H Richardson: 435. Weight and How It Affects the P-O-U-N-D. 1964.



In view of the increasing accuracy requirements for ballistic missiles and space vehicles, weight engineering is becoming more complex. More than ever before emphasis is being placed on the procedures of generating weight data and reporting techniques for use in predicting payload and targeting capabilities of missiles. Procedures used in the past for predicting and maintaining missile weight data during continuous updating have proven to require excessive time and constant vigilance of a large number of engineers. It is the intent of this paper to present to the weight engineer one method of weight predicting by combining different weights of differing degrees of confidence and to have at the same time the capability of updating these weights. This method of weight prediction is known as the ACE method of weight determination; ACE signifying the combination of actual, calculated and estimated weights. This development was originated for use in the analysis of nominal hardware and propellant weights and dispersion for the Atlas Weapon System missiles. Missiles were categorized by series and site or squadron. Also analyzed were those missiles used for test firings and special programs to demonstrate the operational capabilities of the Atlas Weapon System. Initial dry weight and balance information was based upon the factory weighing of each separate booster stage and total missile. Modifications to this ‘delivered’ weight condition were individually evaluated and incorporated into an IBM computer program as they were accomplished. Modifications consisted of contractor and associate contractor Engineering Change Proposals (ECP s ) , non-ECP changes and weight producing repair and maintenance operations.


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