612. TWA Aircraft Performance (LOG) Analysis


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W E Soverns: 612. TWA Aircraft Performance (LOG) Analysis. 1967.



The TWA Aircraft Performance (Log) Analysis System is filling a most important role in providing performance knowledge of each aircraft as well as each fleet. The main objectives of the system are to monitor aircraft performance, detect trends from standard performance, and to aid the engineer in updating performance data when operating experience indicates a need. The Digital Computer, with its ability to perform an infinite number of high speed operations, is required in order to process the huge amounts or aircraft and engine performance data.
Daily, each crew on the first flight of each aircraft records on a special log sheet a set of cockpit instrument readings which describe aircraft and engine performance during cruise. At the first landing the information is given to a teletype operator who transmits it to Kansas City to be processed on a high speed digital computer.
A complete printed report of the engine performance data, and a set of output data cards containing aircraft performance information, are processed by the Engine Log Analysis Computer Program. The data cards are accumulated and periodically sorted by date and aircraft serial number for processing by the Aircraft Performance (Log) Analysis Computer Program. This program compares the performance as indicated by cockpit readings with a standard value as determined either by the manufacturer or TWA.
Over a period of time trends deviating from standard are determined, and the individual aircraft and/or fleet are investigated as to the causes of not performing according to standard. Once the causes are determined and the situation remedied, the system continues to monitor the performance on a precise standard basis showing the improved trend.


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