637. Advanced Aircraft Parametric Weight Analysis


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R J Taylor, W K Smith: 637. Advanced Aircraft Parametric Weight Analysis. 1967.



The criteria for a thorough parametric weight analysis and its need in Advanced Design Studies is presented. Development of the Advanced Aircraft Parametric Weight Analysis Program and supporting rationale is also discussed.
The analysis has a wide range of variables to satisy the requirements for advanced aircraft optimization and cost effectiveness studies. The analysis is applicable to fixed and variable geometry aircraft, Navy and Air Force designs, fighters and trainers and bombers, subsonic and supersonic aircraft, and so on. Because of its general application there will be less duplication of effort on futured Advanced Design Projects. Development of computer program subroutines and operations for the analysis are discussed at lenght with special emphasis on versatility. Weignt trend curves established by the analysis are presented to illustrate its use as an analytical tool.


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