848. Multi-Plane Balancing


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L Korba, E H Barnett: 848. Multi-Plane Balancing. In: 29th Annual Conference, Washington, D. C., May 4-6, pp. 19, Society of Allied Weight Engineers, Inc., Washington, DC, 1970.



The purpose of 'Multiplane Balancing' is to demonstrate a technique which can be used to minimize weight required for balance. 'Multiplane Balancing' is a coined phrase used by the authors to accentuate the likelihood that more than two planes will be utilized in the balancing of space vehicles. Multiplane utilization, limits on allowable balance weights at discrete locations and in-plane variations in the radial placement of balance weights represent conditions one might expect to encounter in balancing a spacecraft. An approach to minimizing the balance weight required with respect to the aforementioned constraints has been evolved at TRW using a linear programming technique known as the 'Simplex Method'. The method is computerized and will be used for on-site balancing operations with real hardware as well as in a priori determination of spacecraft unbalance. Factors considered in the application of the method were based on need, validity, versatility and cost. Where schedule and weight factors are important use of the method is recommended.


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