935. Weight Estimation of Hydraulic Secondary Power System


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R S Kaneshiro: 935. Weight Estimation of Hydraulic Secondary Power System. 1972.



A method of estimating hydraulic secondary power system weight is described, which can be applied to a variety of aircraft. Appropriate equations, curves, and tables are included.
This paper covers the basic relationship of design requirements to weights, and also provides for the effects of practical constraints and limits. Detail analyses of pressure drops, complete load-stroke, and motor load-torque envelopes are not included. These analyses are usually accomplished later in the preliminary design phase.
The purpose of this paper is to present a preliminary weight-estimating method that can be used for a variety of vehicles. Tables and curves are included. The estimating procedure can be used to effectively support hydraulic system or other subsystem trade studies. It will, hopefully, acquaint the reader with a few of the problems involved in hydraulic subsystem design.


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