951. The Feasibility of the Large Freight Airship


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D Howe: 951. The Feasibility of the Large Freight Airship. 1973.



The reasons for the current interest in airships are analysed and certain proposals critically examined. Some indication of the performance requirements for a large freight airship are given and the optimum speed for maximum work capacity is established. A discussion of the likely design features of the craft is concluded by the selection of a particular example for numerical comparison. This is a 1000 Ton gross displacement airship which in one version employs a novel method for overall control of displacement.
The main conclusions reached are:
1. It is feasible to design a large airship which has direct operating costs no greater than those of a subsonic jet aeroplane.
2. Structure weight is not likely to be less than 30 per cent of the gross displacement nor payload greater than 30 per cent over long ranges.
3. Maximum work capacity is theoretically achieved when the speed is such that the fuel required is one third of the disposable load. This speed is likely to be just over 100 mph.


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