984. Weight Change – Where Does It Come From


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J R McCarty: 984. Weight Change - Where Does It Come From. In: 32nd Annual Conference, London, England, June 25-27, pp. 31, Society of Allied Weight Engineers, Inc., London, England, 1973.



The purpose of this study is to categorize the weight and moment change; which are made on our Commercia1 Transport Airplanes. The weight groupings utilized follow ATA Specification 100 for assignments of material, more commonly known as the Aircraft Index. It is recognized that this is not necessarily the best indexing, or group weight coding system since it is maintenance or functionally oriented. However, it is consistent with airline procedures and is adequate for airline purposes.
Our original Intent was to become aware of any particular functional areas in the airplane where the addition of weight appeared to be out of line. Thus armed with some ammunition we might be in a position to exercise better weight control.
We also believe that listings of this sort will be useful in researching apparent discrepancies in the weight records for different airplanes of the same model.
A weight log for a given airplane has a chronological or calendar order. Thus it is difficult to compare two airplanes. The listings of this paper, being organized by ATA chapter rather than calendar, make it much easier to compare two airplanes.


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