1028. Weight Control on a High Performance Craft


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J W Pike: 1028. Weight Control on a High Performance Craft. 1974.



This paper describes the weight control program, and results, on a new high speed
fast patrol boat,the Coastal Patrol and Interdiction Craft. The Coastal Patrol and
Interdiction Craft, called CPIC, is a 100 foot, high performance combatant craft.
Weight (and displacement) of combatant craft is critical to successful performance.
The CPIC was designed to carry a specific weapon system and has a specific mission
profile. Growth in displacement would seriously impact on the engine power required
and impact on the size and cost of the craft. Differences in the design weight and
construction weight estimates were sufficient to question the adequacy of the main
propulsion system with regard to speed, endurance and the attendant engineering review
became most significant.
The weight control efforts and results are described with a
general overview of the project. No contract requirements existed for stringent weight
reduction performance. The methods by which control was developed on the existing
contract are discussed, and observations provided for consideration in developing
improved control methods.


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