1126. Application of Advanced Technology to Future Long-Range Aircraft


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O E Schrader: 1126. Application of Advanced Technology to Future Long-Range Aircraft. 1976.



The objective of this paper is to provide an overview assessment of three separate programs at Langley Research Center that have incorporated advanced technology into the design of long-range passenger and cargo aircraft.
The first technology centers around the use of a span-loaded cargo aircraft with the payload distributed along the wing. This concept has the potential for reduced structural weights The second technology ‘is the application of
Laminar Flow Control (LFC) to the aircraft to reduce the aerodynamic drag. The use of LFC can reduce the fuel requirements during long-range cruise. The last program evaluates the production of alternate aircraft fuels from coal and the use of liquid hydrogen as an aircraft fuel. Coal derived hydrogen as an aircraft fuel offers both the prospect for reduced dependences petroleum fuels and improved performance for long-range aircraft.


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