1156. Computer Aided Weight Engineering – An Overview


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H Trelease, P Saunders: 1156. Computer Aided Weight Engineering – An Overview. 1977.



This presentation reviews the possible impact of computer aided engineering on the weight engineering profession and discusses the pro’s and con’s of developing interactive systems to aid in all facets of the weight engineer’s task. An approach to the development of CAWE is discussed together with an analysis of distributed mini-computer system vs. existing main frame systems. The systems described make maximum use CAD/ CAM output data and illustrate the potential of such systems in the development of optimized commercial vehicles. Other weight engineering applications discussed include: interactive data base systems, automated weight and balance manual preparation, the use of interactive graphics in the development of loadability data and computerized office procedures. In addition, several technical problems associated with the development of distributed computer systems are covered including communications, networking, data base managers (relational and sequential), security, and hardware selection.


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