1193. Women in the Mainstream of Management


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M M Dr. Wood: 1193. Women in the Mainstream of Management. 1977.



Since 1950, women have been entering business at a greater rate than ever before. They are serious about their careers; work is no longer a stepping stone to marriage. Though most women are still choosing traditionally female occupations, more and more are moving into male domains. Gains are less rapid in management, but women now hold significantly important executive positions at major corporations. Today, about 1.5% of top management are women; 5% of middle management; and 15% of entering management. Men report they are bringing different ways of looking at problems . . . ways equally good as-men’s perceptions but not necessarily identical. Wherever women are making their way into higher positions, the worst of the struggle is over. Men and women agree that tensions, feelings of threat, and apprehensions rapidly disappear. But, in spite of their gains, women’s salaries are still lagging behind men’s and the gap is widening. On the average, women earn 59% as much as men. However, in ‘male’ or neutral jobs, women may earn up to 80% of what men earn. Though this, in part, may be by preference – many women have personal conflicts – about one-third of the differential is attributed to discrimination. This paper discusses women’s gains, sex-role conflicts where men and women are working out new relationships, and strategies for dealing with the problems, whether a man or woman simply wishes to cope with a changing world or to change and grow with a situation that offers exciting opportunities for both men and women.


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