1257. Todays Challenge in Rail Transit


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D M Hooker, J M Cord: 1257. Todays Challenge in Rail Transit. 1978.



In today’s environment of inflation, rising fuel costs, and emerging governmental energy policies, the ability of rail transit for new or proposed city systems to provide the most efficient and economical passenger service is being questioned.
To meet this challenge, the factors that significantly contribute to the costs of procurement, energy, operation, and maintenance must be identified and addressed.
This paper compares modal energy relationships and system costs that relate to the current state of the art in rail vehicle design, and suggests possible trends for the future that respond to the needs of cost reduction.
It concludes that to be successful every aspect of the system requires close attention to the objective. Property specifications, industrial design, and vehicle detail design each has to address procurement, operating, and maintenance costs in order to derive maximum reduction of life-cycle costs.


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