1353. The Manufacturing Cost/Design Guide (MC/DG) Computerization Program


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B I Rachowitz, D Judson: 1353. The Manufacturing Cost/Design Guide (MC/DG) Computerization Program. 1980.



In recent years, the cost of manufacturing has continued to escalate in all industries. The aerospace industry has been no exception. This fact, coupled with a shrinking defense budget, has made cost reduction and automation to reduce cost a high priority activity. In order to achieve maximum return on investment, the Air Force Materials Laboratory has embarked on a coordinate Integrated Computer Aided Manufacturing (ICAM) Program to achieve increased productivity and thereby reduce production cost. The Manufacturing Cost/Design
Guide, initiated in 1975 by the Air Force, provides the basic techniques and formats to allow the design engineer to perform trade studies during the early phases of a program’s design activity and thereby establish an optimum design considering the cost to manufacture as a key element in the decision making process.


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