1402. Fairchild AccuMAC Center of Gravity System


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B J Hawkins: 1402. Fairchild AccuMAC Center of Gravity System. 1981.



This paper will discuss the System which is an offshoot Fairchild AccuMac Center of Gravity of the STAN Integral Weight and Balance System. AccuMAC provides the crew with Center of Gravity in terms of %MAC when Take Off Gross Weight is dialed into the system manually. The System consists of an- Indicator Control Box in the cockpit coupled with a single pressure transducer mounted on the nose gear oleo strut. Pressure from the nose gear is transmitted via electrical signals to the ICB where it is used in solving the CG equation for the aircraft utilizing the manually inputted TOGW.
The system is now in use by KLM Royal Dutch Airlines on their DC-9 aircraft and results of operating use of AccuMac will be discussed together with a technical description of the system.


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