1489. Trends in Interactive Finite Element Modeling


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M Less, J Willis: 1489. Trends in Interactive Finite Element Modeling. 1982.



New techniques, developments and trends in the area of interactive finite element modeling pre- and post-processing systems are presented in this paper. A short history and current status of the field is given to form the basis for the projections. Upcoming equipment changes and hardware advances are included since they may have the greatest effecting providing improved systems for the user. The concentration is on trends expected during the next five years including items 1ike desktop networks of minicomputers and integrated project databases for the design and analysis functions.
Finite element modeling systems have progressed from manual data generation and display methods to the highly interactive processing systems now widely available. These changes have been brought about by the dramatic improvements in computer hardware and software over the last twenty years. During the next five years developments in solid modeling, integrated data base methodology, and improved hardware will lead to advanced interactive model generation and display systems. In addition highly interactive post-processors for finite element analysis output data reduction will become more prominent. As these modeling systems become more highly automated and user friendly they will allow the use of finite element analysis methods during the initial design synthesis of a structure. These techniques will allow for more complex trade studies in preliminary design. This in turn, allows for increased productivity throughout the design and manufacturing product phases since design changes or manufacturing problems should be reduced for a particular structure.


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