1536. Weight Control, the Challenges Associated With a New Outlook on an Old Problem


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J W Bonney: 1536. Weight Control, the Challenges Associated With a New Outlook on an Old Problem. 1983.



This paper represents the combined and centroids effort of a dedicated group of people committed
to the control of weight on ships.
This paper covers the organization, and whatit is to accomplish. The goals are accomplished through
a procedure of allocation and control initiated at contract design and tracked and monitored through
the entire engineering and construction process. It amplifies a concept of weight reduction initiated
early in the design process both by education and change. Such things as methods used, material changes
are discussed. Monitoring and control of equipment weights both contractor and government furnished
are discussed.
Some of the studies that were involved in providing more accurate data are discussed in some detail.
These include such things as the scale weighing program, the study on mill tolerances on plates and the
actions taken.
Personnel acquisitions and the challenges involved in obtaining and indoctrinating the individuals are
addressed. Education of the weight control process is an ever continuing task. The organizational interfaces
required both within and external are reviewed.
This paper uses specific examples of various studies and areas of interest to show the challenges encountered
in the Weight Control evolution.
The goal is to control weight yet being flexible enough to allow evolution of design, thereby providing ships
that will be compatible with the state-of-the-art systems that are being installed in them.


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