1594. Weight Control – A Procurement Agency Perspective


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Dudley M Cate: 1594. Weight Control – A Procurement Agency Perspective. 1984.



Weight; control can be defined as the effort undertaken to achieve an actual weight; that is at or below the original target or guaranteed weight. Success in this effort is important to the overall success of any new-design program. Yet, in spite of our weight control efforts, most past programs have experienced actual weights above – sometimes significantly above – the guaranteed weight. This paper presents a procurement agency perspective on the factors which make weight control success difficult to achieve, specifically, technological uncertainty, pressures toward optimistic guarantees, insufficient resources, and competing priorities. The paper offers some suggestions on how to counter these factors in order to make our weight; control efforts more effective. Verification (i.e., actual weighings), derivative and modification programs,. And center-of-gravity control also are discussed. The paper concludes with the point that, in pursuing our weight control efforts, we owe loyalty not only to our organizations and their managements, but also to our position as professionals.


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