1703. Computer Generated 3-Dimensional Graphics and Mass Properties Application


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J D Munter: 1703. Computer Generated 3-Dimensional Graphics and Mass Properties Application. 1986.



The mass properties engineer relies more heavily on sophisticated software and hardware than ever before. He is and will be using the computer to generate and maintain his vehicle databases and configurations. This paper addresses the increasing need to utilize computer graphics in the mass properties discipline. It describes several graphics programs (to a general degree of detail) ranging from the very basic routines to the highly sophisticated solid modellers. The major emphasis will be placed on the relationship that computer-generated 3-D graphics has to mass properties engineering. This paper will stress the importance of gaining a 3-dimentional understanding of the vehicle database versus previous methods involving reams of computer runs. This paper will also recommend the use of primitive imaging graphics in the preliminary design phase, with a steady progression into the more advanced routines through the latter phases of project development.


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