1731. WISORD (Weight Interactive Synthesis and Optimization of Rotorcraft Design)


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T Shah: 1731. WISORD (Weight Interactive Synthesis and Optimization of Rotorcraft Design). 1986.



Interactive/Optimization Weight Prediction Model. WISORD is an interactive/optimization computer model designed to provide a quick reaction synthesis of helicopter preliminary design concepts. The user need only supply a few basic parameters such as disc loading, payload, range, design limit load factor, etc. WISORD will produce a first cut Gross Weight, Weight Empty and fuel required. When a more in-depth analysis is required, WISORD will provide a preliminary set of geometry data and performance data. The data can then be used to establish a baseline helicopter size from which initial design can be started. if a more detailed weight analysis is required, WISORD will provide the approximately 300 configuration and criteria inputs required to run the first level computer weight model. the optimization function of the program is truly a new approach to weight control engineering. Optimization is accomplished by establishing a mathematic relationship between parameters, setting minimum and maximum limits on each, and by computing a matrix of weight from which the lightest rotorcraft can be selected. this program provides a substantial improvement in the accuracy of weight prediction methods of future rotorcraft programs.


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