1742. An Operational Loading Analysis of the B-757-232 Aircraft


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W S Stricklin: 1742. An Operational Loading Analysis of the B-757-232 Aircraft. 1986.



Delta Air Lines began the initial Detail Specification review for the B-757-232 in March, 1981. The first two aircraft were delivered to Delta in November, 1984 and entered revenue service on November 28, 1984. Delta has ordered 60 B-757’s and retained options on 10 additional aircraft. Eighteen (18) aircraft have been received from Boeing as of May, 1986. This aircraft is somewhat unique in that while it is a ”new” aircraft design, it does not include any type of containerized cargo system. An Air Cargo Equipment Loading System (ACE System) was included in the aircraft to reduce manpower requirements and concurrently maintain necessary ground turn times. The ACE System is essentially a series of inter-nesting, movable tray modules which suffice for a containerized system. This new form of loading automation required development of new accountability procedures for weight and Center of Gravity (CG) considerations. This paper provides a general overview of the development of the B-757 Weight and Balance Control System as well as specific considerations associated with the ACE System.


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