1782. The Role of Weight in Parametric Cost Estimating


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B E Fad: 1782. The Role of Weight in Parametric Cost Estimating. 1987.



Parametric cost estimating is often used to support Engineering analysis is shaping system designs. In those systems designed for flight, weight is frequently used as a cost parameter. This paper defines parametric cost estimating through the context of traditional, bottoms-up cost estimating. The importance of weight, its proper qualifications and inter-relationships with other parameters are developed through examples of parametric cost modeling of automobile seats, and aircraft vertical fin assembly, and an advanced electronic signal processor. As the topic is developed, characteristics of parametric modeling and an appreciation for the engineering contributions to it will become evident. It should be recognized that parametric cost modeling offers the Weight Engineer an ally in attacking one of his greatest challenges for the future – designing hardware that is not only mission capable, but affordable as well. This paper is intended to stimulate the Weight Engineer towards the use of parametric cost modeling as a tool for design.


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