1795. “”In Flight CG Control”” – System Aspects


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H Drachenberg: 1795. ”In Flight CG Control” – System Aspects. 1987.



MBB as an AIRBUS INDUSTRIES-Partner has developed, tested and certified an ”Inflight Center of Gravity Control System” which is in airline operation since December 1985. The A310-300 aircraft, in addition to the wing and fuselage tanks can carry fuel in the tailplane. The Center of Gravity Control System (CGCS) determines Inflight CG position and controls CG position by manipulation of fuel location. This presentation will highlight electrical/electronic system engineering considerations/aspects during definition, design, test, certification and in service of the CGCS. Technical details of the Inflight Center of Gravity Control System were given on the 45th Annual SAWE Conference in Williamsburg, May 1986, refer to SAWE Paper No. 1695.


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