1892. Personal Computer Based Database Appplications for Mass Properties


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A Martinez: 1892. Personal Computer Based Database Appplications for Mass Properties. 1989.



The use of computers in the mass properties field has continued to grow for many years. Personal computers are now easily within the reach of even small companies. The available software for these computers has grown in power to the extent that they rival the main frame computers of only a few years ago. This presents a great opportunity for the mass properties engineer to improve efficiency and expedite data handling. The use of commercially available database software in the mass properties environment is explored. dBase III+ applications are discussed. Routines to implement the Standard Deviation and approximations of the Sine and Cosine functions are presented. Two dBase III+ applications are examined, a program to generate DD365-2 reports and actual weights database. The source code for the actual weights database program is provided. The paper closes with recommendations and possible applications for personal computer database programs in the mass properties environment.


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