1972. Titanium Matrix Composite (TMC) Weight Evaluation and Validation


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W C Fogarty: 1972. Titanium Matrix Composite (TMC) Weight Evaluation and Validation. 1990.



The national effort in advanced hypersonic aerospace plane development has led to the expanded study and testing of new and improved materials. Titanium Matrix Composite or TMC is one of the new materials being developed. Composite materials, in particular organic resin composites, have large weight variations or uncertainties. The historical weight variation and the very high weight sensitivity of hypersonic Single Stage To Orbit (SSTO) vehicles requires control and understanding of TMC weight. The weight calculation methods for TMC will be described and the comparison to measured weights will be presented. This data will show that TMC weight calculations are precise and their uncertainty or probable actual weight adjustment is very small and predictable. TMC weights will not be allowed to follow the wide variance of conventional composite materials.


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