2056. Automated Load Planning


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G L Marion, D Clayton: 2056. Automated Load Planning. 1992.



It is not the intention of this paper or the authors to promote automation of aircraft loading as the only way of performing the task.. To the contrary, there are many different ways of accomplishing aircraft loading, most just as effective as others and most with the end results just as valid. Validity will not and should not weigh heavily in the final decision to automate. Automation caters to speed and large volumes and it will be these that will be the main thrusts that will lead to the establishment of this type of system. However, as in everything, the end results need to be carefully evaluated to the extent that the benefits received will outweigh the cost of accomplishment. Initial automation is expensive, but it will lead to the automation of several systems and ultimately to a totally automated environment. This paper begins with a broad pictorial view of how automated load planning happens and continues with an analysis of the process through the use of format screen examples. Its only intention is to provide some information should this be the plan for your operation or to simply provide some thoughts for the refinement of that which you have already established. If neither be the case, it is a brief view of what happens at American Airlines that involves approximately 700 aircraft and 2600 flights a day.


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