2057. Pratt & Whitney/Nordam 737-200 Hush Kit


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J G Hutton: 2057. Pratt & Whitney/Nordam 737-200 Hush Kit. 1992.



Mid 1991, United States Legislation and ICAO rulings were adopted which permit only FAR 36 Stage 3 and ICAO Annex 16, Chapter 3 capable commercial airplanes to operate beyond 1999. This paper begins by demonstrating pressures leading to these laws, the character of the laws as they are understood today, remedial actions, and finally a description of one recourses hush kit for B737-200. The description of the pressures and laws description includes comments concerning typical city airport noise issues. Remedial actions compare alternatives a commercial airplane operator could consider and what is generally available at this time. The 737-200 hush kit presentation includes an historical development documentation of the device, as well as a detailed presentation of the device itself. This paper is an overview only and is intended to provide a general understanding of the issues.


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