2067. The Basic Algorithms of Mass Properties Analysis and Control


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B P Wiegand: 2067. The Basic Algorithms of Mass Properties Analysis and Control. In: 51st Annual Conference, Hartford, Connecticut, May 18-20, pp. 68, Society of Allied Weight Engineers, Inc., Hartford, Connnecticut, 1992.



The advent of personal computers and easy to use programming environments (Lotus, Excel, BASIC, etc.) has spawned an era of do-it yourself programming in every field, including that of mass properties analysis and control. While there are definite advantages to being able to custom tailor applications on the fly, there are also inherent dangers. The resultant application may spew forth answers which may be incorrect or misleading. This can occur for a number of reasons, but the most common cause is that the basic algorithms were not understood, verified, or validated. This paper represents an attempt to help avoid such difficulties by providing an explicit exposition of the basic algorithms utilized in mass proper-ties analysis and control and by providing certified test cases for validation of any program that may be constructed using these algorithms.
Rev A - 2023


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