2095. The Seven Secrets of Accurate Mass Properties Measurment


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Richard Boynton: 2095. The Seven Secrets of Accurate Mass Properties Measurment. 1992.



If you have a mass properties instrument which has an accuracy of 0.1%, how accurately can you measure the mass properties of your payload? Some people think that the answer is 0.1%. In fact, the instrument is usually the least important factor in determining measurement accuracy. There are a number of fatal mistakes which you can make that will produce errors that are 10 or 100 times as large as the inaccuracy of the instrument. Over the years I have concluded that there are seven secrets for accurate mass properties measurement. These are: The payload must have precisely defined measurement axes. The fixture must hold the payload so its measurement axes are precisely located relative to the instrument. You must follow the correct measurement procedure. You must eliminate external influences. The payload must weigh more than 2% of the capacity of the mass properties machine. You must use an accurate instrument. You must define your symbols and polarities.


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